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The Role Of Cardboard Boxes
Jul 11, 2017

The use of cardboard cartons is as follows: 1. Used as a cushion: in accordance with their own needs, from a cardboard carton, and affixed with colored wallpaper or other decorative materials, can be used as a variety of cushions, in many occasions. Rigid Paper Box For example, mat on the desk, can prevent ink, paint or glue dirty desktop, and in the use of knives, scissors and other trim items, but also to protect the desktop from damage. 2. Sheng put the book paper items: Their own collection of posters, bought paintings, etc., if arbitrarily stacked on the table, not only look messy, and easy to lose. Rigid Paper Box Find a cardboard box and classify them and organize them. 3. Pet items: To find a of the size of the cardboard cartons, used to hold pet items, not only convenient, but also in the cardboard boxes around the beautiful stickers, more beautiful. 4. Home to small animals: the child raised a few chickens, do not specifically give chickens to buy a cage, can find a small hard cardboard box, Rigid Paper Box and in two boxes four weeks to tie little holes, and then put the chick in, so that the chicken will have a warm home.

Cardboard carton is good or bad and the weight of the paper is inseparable, if let us debate paper grams weight, I think it is very difficult! However, we can ask the seller to understand ~ on-line selling cardboard carton of the weight of the label paper, the size of the paper Ridge (North called Ridge Paper) is the online said the pit paper, what kind of surface paper.

It's a lot easier to start with. First ask what kind of face paper ~ (usually cowhide noodles) if he does not, then there is no need to chat down! Now on-line sellers have said inside and outside the cowhide, and the price is very low ~ Other other goods I do not dare to make a comment, Rigid Paper Box but I am in the cardboard factory to work, still a little understanding of this aspect, if a 12th-box cowhide can sell it to 0.25 bucks. If you want to choose a better quality, Then you ask about the weight of the leather noodles. Although the cowhide noodles are not good or bad, but on-line selling materials are similar, with grams can be divided into good or bad ~

Ridge paper: Now most of the online sales are three layers of corrugated, want to know the hardness of cardboard box, then ask the weight of the paper ridge can be ~ If he told you ridge paper weighs more than 200 grams and the price is still under 0.3 yuan, Rigid Paper Box haha quickly tell me ah, I also want to buy some!

The rest is the paper, the paper is also used in general to distinguish between grams, the heavier the quality of the box, the better!

Another spring, Rigid Paper Box the weather is relatively humid, if you have a lot of hard cardboard, the proposal to store a good ventilation, relatively dry place, hard carton itself on the suction, if the preservation of bad will be damp, will reduce the hardness of cardboard carton will increase the weight Oh!