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The Protection Function Of Corrugated Box
Oct 23, 2017

Corrugated box is the most basic type of transport packaging, is also the most widely used in a carton, it is by a piece or a few pieces of processed corrugated board, through the combination of nails or bonding method of the carton. Its bottom and top folded piece (top and bottom flap) constitute a bottom box and a lid. Corrugated Paper Box This kind of carton is in transit. Storage, can be folded flat, the specific volume is small, easy to use, sealed dustproof. internal and external cleanliness and other advantages.

Corrugated boxes are usually composed of a piece of corrugated cardboard, by folding the bottom, side, box cover, without nailing and bonding.

Carton packaging in the daily life is very common, such as the common wine box, instant noodles boxes, express the small boxes are mostly used carton packaging. Corrugated Paper Box And this carton is part of the corrugated board, so these cartons of professional name is corrugated box.

Corrugated boxes are generally divided into three boxes, five mounted boxes, seven mounted boxes.

From the thickness of the three boxes for ordinary carton: that is, three layers of paper "Outside the surface paper, the middle of the corrugated, and the innermost box sheet paper" processed into cartons, such as beer box, milk box, instant noodles box. Load-bearing relatively small, Corrugated Paper Box corrugated commonly used B-or e-Leng.

Five mounted boxes, seven mounted boxes for heavy boxes: By "surface paper, corrugated, heart paper, corrugated, cardboard box" five-layer paper processing and become called Five box; by "surface paper, corrugated, heart paper, corrugated, heart paper, corrugated, cardboard paper" seven-layer paper processing is called Seven box.

Carton is the most widely used packaging products, bearing the capacity, protection products, beauty of the important responsibility, corrugated box function application in all areas of the reasons.

Corrugated box function More, below for you to briefly introduce its commonly used to several major functions:

1. Corrugated box protection function.

The primary function of beer corrugated box is to protect the inner beer. Therefore, beer production enterprises according to the corrugated box bearing weight, Corrugated Paper Box stacking height of different, the development of corrugated carton physical strength indicators, including corrugated box edge pressure strength, bursting strength, puncture strength, adhesion strength, the strength of the empty box. Beer Corrugated box to meet these physical strength requirements, to achieve its protection function.

2, Corrugated box sales function.

Exquisite printing patterns in the current competitive terminal market channels to play a huge role in attracting consumers eyeball, product brand reputation and promotion has a good role in promoting. Today, more consumers like the whole box to buy beer or as gifts, exquisite corrugated carton packaging to become a silent salesman, beer corrugated box is not only a product of transport packaging, Corrugated Paper Box is now slowly to the sale of packaging infiltration.

3, Corrugated box Use function: In the carton structure design aspect, especially in the container packing transportation, the shelf storage aspect, the reasonable size, the modelling and the matching material not only can save the cost, provides the best packing solution, but also can guarantee the product in the long-term cargo process obtains the most effective protection. In this case, the corrugated box structure and size design is also increasingly important.

4, Corrugated box environmental protection function: Corrugated box belongs to the Green environmental protection products, it is conducive to environmental protection, Corrugated Paper Box conducive to loading and unloading transport.