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The Production Process Of Corrugated Box
Jul 21, 2017

Corrugated box material composition

Whether it is three, five or seven corrugated boxes, the material composition is from the tissue paper, paper, the middle pad paper and corrugated paper composition. Manufacturers of corrugated paper is generally divided into A, B, C three grades, according to the customer's carton compressive strength and resistance to breaking strength of the different requirements, the choice of appropriate corrugated paper for ingredients, Corrugated Paper Box the general use of A-class kraft liner paper for the outside Paper, B, C grade kraft paper for the paper and the middle pad paper; corrugated paper also has A, B, C grade points, according to the actual situation of different grades.

As the current market, many corrugated paper production plant, Corrugated Paper Box different manufacturers have different paper characteristics, which requires staff to be very familiar with the paper, and have enough experience in order to meet customer needs, both fast and accurate for the carton ingredients.

The amount of corrugated paper

Quantification refers to the weight of paper per unit area. The unit is g / m 2 or kg / m 2

The price of corrugated base paper

Corrugated base paper price due to paper, Corrugated Paper Box quantitative and other differences have a greater difference. Has always been tons of pricing units.

Corrugated box printing

Legend of the corrugated box printing, just printed on the carton some simple signs, such as "carefully", "up" and so on, its role is only a simple transport packaging. Printing methods are also hand-carved rubber version of the flexographic printing based. But with the development of market economy, large supermarkets using warehouse-style shelf sales, so that corrugated boxes with the transport and sales of packaging dual functions, while food and home appliances and other products of corrugated box packaging printing quality put forward higher requirements, Corrugated Paper Box The printing of this kind of box has changed from the original monochrome or multi-color field printing to the color level printing. Therefore, the corrugated box surface printing summary can be divided into two major forms: embossing and offset printing (color printing). Here the embossing can be

Known as flexo, it is made of rubber, photosensitive resin and other materials made of letterpress, used to print a relatively simple color patterns or numbers, text and other notes, the use of water-based ink, and is directly Printed on the corrugated board, slotted. After printing through the bonding, Corrugated Paper Box carton can be molded, offset printing is generally used for color, pattern and other effects require a higher color printing, it is relatively high requirements for printing materials, generally single white cardboard, after printing also need Through the veneer mounted, rolling mill rolling, bonding to the final shape.

Note: In the process of calculating the cost of cartons, printing costs are also a very important part of the link. But the actual calculation of the use of flexo printed yellow box of its printing costs are all included in the final hit of the coefficient; and the use of offset color box, its printing costs are quite complex, need a calculation, will be in the following offset carton Cost accounting for a detailed description.

Flexographic carton production cost budget

The use of embossed corrugated boxes, the daily requirements for the printing effect is not very high, so also called this type of carton for the yellow box. Budget production costs of the yellow box is the most simple, just calculate the composition of the carton per unit area of the material cost, Corrugated Paper Box and then take the carton to expand the area can be. As for the printing process of ink, machine opening, labor and other costs are included in a range of coefficients.

(Kg / m 2) × unit price (yuan / kg); if the corrugated paper, you need to consider the corrugated expansion coefficient, the area of the paper and the amount of paper, That is quantitative (kg / m 2) × unit price (yuan / kg) × corrugated expansion coefficient. And then add the price of each layer together, that is, the cost of this material corrugated board unit area, multiplied by the expansion of the carton area, that is, the cost of a single corrugated box material.