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The Paper Shopping Bag Attracts The Customer's Favorite
Sep 05, 2017

The type of paper shopping bag

Usually we put the bag of material containing a part of the paper are called paper shopping bags. There are many types of paper shopping bags, different styles, according to the material can be divided into white card paper shopping bags, white paper shopping bags, copper paper shopping bags; in accordance with the bag, the bottom and the back of the different ways to open the seam bag, The thickness of the paper bag has a lot of requirements, Paper Shopping Bag so according to the actual situation of customization, to achieve a multiplier, affordable for the use of two kinds of paper bags and other types of paper bags, Purpose, for the green, corporate capital investment, to provide more protection.

Today's paper shopping bags are colorful, dazzling, very tempting. With the strengthening of environmental awareness, paper shopping bags have changed the material, the past has gradually been eliminated plastic bags, large shopping malls have been shut out, not up to the plastic bags and even to be quality inspection, Paper Shopping Bag environmental protection departments Penalties.

At the time of shopping, most businesses offer paper shopping bags and non-woven bags, from the beautiful and vivid degree, of course, paper shopping bags to be better than non-woven bags, color and pattern design on paper Non-woven bags easy, the effect is better, Paper Shopping Bag showing a very high level and three-dimensional, attract customers love.

As a merchandise coat paper shopping bag, its "face" can "fans" people, it is an integral part of a complete commodity. Therefore, we design goods in the paper shopping bags, to run through the elements of the United States to make it more attractive, more temptation, better reflect the brand image and influence, environmental protection, fashion, practical, advertising effect for one.

Paper Shopping Bag Benefits

1, itself can be biodegradable, plastic bags can not;

2, the usual use of plastic bags made of polyethylene raw materials used by the oil, and oil is already our shortage of energy. In contrast, paper production bags of raw materials are trees, is a renewable resource.

3, the process of producing paper shopping bags will bring more serious water pollution and air pollution problems;

4, the paper shopping bags recycling, Paper Shopping Bag but also need to spend more energy;

5, if the landfill to deal with discarded paper shopping bags, as difficult to degradation.