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The Effect Of Paper Shopping Bags
Jul 21, 2017

On the planet we live on because of people's excessive use of earth resources and wanton destruction of the Earth's environment, so that our lives and health is facing more and more serious threat. The emergence of white rubbish has been widely concerned, but also reminded people to treat our homes, Paper Shopping Bag so people take various measures to solve this problem, by using other things instead of plastic bags, paper bags Increasing. Paper shopping bags as environmentally friendly products more and more respected, with the people's awareness of environmental protection, the demand for paper shopping bags is more and more stringent. Paper shopping bags can not only be used in food packaging, so that consumers fully trust the safety of food, but also in daily life we can see everywhere. Paper shopping bags environmental characteristics of self-evident, to meet the fast-paced life is nothing to say. Paper shopping bags convenient and quick, can be used many times, easy to carry; era of change culture from the original oriental culture to the combination of Chinese and Western, so to meet people's aesthetic has become an important means of business competition, paper shopping bag shape diversification not only Can increase the number of sales of business products in the market dominate, and can attract consumers, Paper Shopping Bag while giving consumers more fun to live.

 Followed by paper shopping bag design is also a very old manual industry. But in order to high efficiency, save manpower and cost, usually using machines to process. Today, paper shopping bags are divided into two kinds of ordinary bags and exquisite shopping bags. This is also the 2011 new version of the handbag shopping bag. So what about the production methods of these two kinds of paper shopping bags? Ordinary commodity paper shopping bags, Paper Shopping Bag mainly the use of rotary printing paper shopping bag machine to complete the production operations. This production method of high production efficiency, but its shortcomings are obvious, that is, paper shopping bags rough and delicate. The exquisite shopping bags, mostly using a single sheet of paper, and then the color of printing, and then after PP mounted light or bronzing.

 And finally by the paper shopping bag factory for manual or semi-automatic machine production, usually using artificial wear rope, tie knot as a mention, and then complete the production of paper shopping bags. The advantage of this shopping bag is that any shape of paper can be made into a handbag shopping bag. But this mode of production, production efficiency is low. This type of paper shopping bag, used for some noble merchandise packaging, Paper Shopping Bag as a gift bag. Or some commercial activities as an advertising bag.

Of course, fine and beautiful handbag shopping bags have become a convenient shopping bag for ladies shopping. The handbag shopping bag is now the first choice for shopping bags. At the same time, corporate image and product advertising extension. In the production of shopping bags, in addition to pay attention to the structure close, not out of the end, but also the pursuit of environmental protection and beautiful, Paper Shopping Bag delicate and durable. If you are still worrying about the design of the bag, it is better to refer to the next China's handbag design products.

Well, the above is the paper shopping bag design has what kind of role in the knowledge, through the above for the paper shopping bag design has what kind of role in the knowledge analysis, Paper Shopping Bag I hope you understand.