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Size Of Cardboard Carton
Sep 26, 2017

Hard carton According to size, the standard postal cardboard hard carton and customer-defined specifications hard carton, the postal standard hard carton is currently the most online sales of cardboard boxes, from big to small, there are no. 1th $number No. 12.

Standard cardboard boxes are boxy rectangular shapes, for special specifications of products, such as the keyboard, liquid crystal display, such as flat-like items, Rigid Paper Box sellers generally choose to find a hard carton factory custom, custom specifications can not only be customized, but also on the above printed on their own logo, appear very professional, custom-made needs factory open mold, Rigid Paper Box will also design printing costs, so generally high starting price, more than three hundred or four hundred yuan to start.

Hard carton thickness, material is to determine the hardness of cardboard box two key factors, common cardboard boxes have three layers, five-story cardboard, of course, there are thicker seven-storey, Rigid Paper Box hard carton layer more thick, as shown below, the three layer is not a simple three-storey flat, but two layers of the middle of the plate outside the sandwich layer of corrugated, five layer is three layer plate plus double corrugated ; three layers, the five-storey cardboard box is also known as Tanvalen and double corrugated cardboard carton; hard carton material is also a variety of good material is not only high hardness, but also light weight, Rigid Paper Box some of the material is often very low hardness, very easy to deformation; on the market, the material from the cardboard box is "KK>KA>KB>AA>AB>BB". KK material is the best material at present, the thickness of three layers is enough to carry the weight of a normal adult year, smooth surface has texture, KK is good, but the price is also the most expensive, AA, BB Material Although the hardness is slightly weaker, but with five layers of thickness, also has a high hardness, enough to protect the product from damage.

Sellers according to their needs, the choice of different types of hard cardboard boxes, such as fragile, valuables can be used five-layer AA cardboard, common by the fall of goods, Rigid Paper Box or the product itself with cartons, the choice of three layer is enough;

How to choose a cardboard box for your own products

At present, the rapid quality of the domestic uneven, often out of so-and-so express a drop package report, make the sellers want to cry without tears, choose Shun Fung Express is good, but I am afraid that customers do not pay, so everyone in their own packaging efforts, only more real; Rigid Paper Box good packaging can ensure that their merchandise safe to the hands of customers, But also to allow customers to see the shopkeeper considerate customers, meticulous attitude, if you received today a package of damp-proof bags of five layers of cardboard cartons, will not be the shopkeeper's good intentions. As mentioned above, hard carton has three layers, five layers, standard size $number number, KK, AA, BB and other materials, the important thing is to choose a suitable for their own goods cardboard carton.

Here are some basic strategies to share:

1, according to their own size of the baby to choose the right hard carton specifications, here to explain is that the standard $number number of cardboard carton size refers to the size of the hard carton, Rigid Paper Box the size of the inside can be slightly smaller two hard carton thickness;

2, the hardness of different types of cardboard boxes, weight, pressure capacity is different, we all have the cost consciousness, chooses enough on the line, the commodity has the paper box can choose three layers, has the certain resistance pressure choice ordinary hardness hard cardboard box can, fragile, easy to damage the commodity needs the bearing capacity big high hardness cardboard box, moreover also must do the box inside space fills, In case of vibration damage on the way;

3, to tell the truth, hard cardboard material hardness, bearing capacity, look at the picture of the introduction is not as good as to see the physical, large can each sample into a few samples, the actual comparison;

4, hard carton profit is thin, Rigid Paper Box the shopkeeper generally can not bargain, but once long-term cooperation, recognized the quality of cardboard cartons, as for the price is still available.