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Paper Shopping Bag Has The Characteristic Of Printing Pattern
Oct 12, 2017

Today, the global environmental pollution is increasingly serious, in order to ensure the sustainable development of society, People's awareness of environmental protection is gradually enhanced, low carbon concept is also gradually popular, Paper Shopping Bag embodied in all aspects of life and clothing, paper shopping bags to replace the use of multiple shopping bags have become a trend.

Paper shopping bag is a green product, it is not only durable and repeatable use, paper shopping bag can be printed on the characteristics of the pattern, advertising is a major bright spot, suitable for any company, Paper Shopping Bag any industry as advertising, gifts for use.

Nowadays paper shopping bags are used frequently in our country, and the popularity of paper shopping bags has also risen a lot. This is not just because the paper shopping bag looks good, but also because the paper shopping bag environmental protection and can be reused characteristics. Conquered many merchants who love paper shopping bags. Below Mai Wo's small plait and everybody chats the paper shopping bag has what characteristic?

1, itself can be biodegradable, plastic bags can not;

2. The usual plastic bags made from polyethylene are oil, and oil is already our scarce energy source. In contrast, the paper shopping bag production raw materials are trees, Paper Shopping Bag is a renewable resource.

3, the process of producing paper shopping bags will bring more serious water pollution and air pollution problems;

4, make the paper shopping bag recycling, Paper Shopping Bag also need to consume more energy;

5, if the use of landfill to dispose of discarded paper shopping bags, as difficult to degrade.