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Paper Shopping Bag Environmental Protection And Durability
Aug 14, 2017

"Plastic limit Order" has been implemented for more than eight years, more and more people concerned about environmental protection, the practice of low-carbon ideas are more and more people. Plastic bags are made of polyethylene, after burial for thousands of years to achieve biological degradation decomposition, but also to produce harmful greenhouse gases. It is known that paper is a recyclable resource, and more and more is added to the paper shopping bag.

The use of paper shopping bags also a lot of different uses, the size of the design of different sizes, including paper bag paper thickness have a lot of requirements, Paper Shopping Bag so according to the actual situation to customize. As the foundation of the design, the grasp of the form psychology is very important, from the visual psychology, people reject the monotonous uniform form, Paper Shopping Bag the pursuit of diverse changes, paper shopping bags to reflect the company's distinctive characteristics.

Paste Paper bag as an ancient handicraft industry, environmentally friendly and durable. Now the paper bag has been designed and printed, has become a variety of high-grade commodity packaging or gift bags. For paper bag design, generally is very concise, as the extension of commercial advertising strategy, Paper Shopping Bag highlighting the corporate image is the key. And now there are more and more ideas used in the paper shopping bag, in the tape on a variety of funny patterns, so that life quietly become more interesting.

Advantages of paper Shopping bag

1, itself can be biodegradable, plastic bags can not be

2. The usual plastic bags made from polyethylene are oil, and oil is already our scarce energy source. In contrast, the paper shopping bag production raw materials are trees, Paper Shopping Bag is a renewable resource.

3, the process of producing paper shopping bags will bring more serious water pollution and air pollution problems;

4, make the paper shopping bag recycling, Paper Shopping Bag also need to consume more energy;

5, if the use of landfill to dispose of discarded paper bags, as difficult to degrade.