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Packaging Printing Plant By Internet Thinking Break Bottlenecks
Jul 05, 2016

Packaging and printing industry middlemen price differentials, overproduction, inventories of the printing backlog in the box • • • severely restricted the development of packaging printing industry. Traditional printing needed the box thinking to change via the Internet through Internet break through the constraints of time, place, and intelligent direction, to move in a new round of industrial upgrading.

A big advantage of the Internet industry is realization of production, logistics, supply chain, finance, sales, information technology, reduce production and marketing costs and win new competitive advantages for enterprises and products. On-demand production of unmarketable, reduce inventory, reduce risk, and reduce production costs, optimize the supply chain, through a more rational allocation of production of information resources of raw materials.

Through the Internet, packaging box printing factory direct connection with customers, factory outlets, reduce the cut of sales cycles, lower selling costs, providing end users with lower prices and higher quality services, thus gaining more market advantage for packaging printing.

In the "Internet +" times in the printing plant to make full use of the Internet in the box thinking. Hangzhou elegant packaging and printing, according to the introduction, in the "Internet +" times, they use the advantages of Hangzhou, active use of the e-commerce market, achieving fully integrated online and offline, while continuing to optimize the product type in the box, constantly pushing into new, meet the needs of the market.

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