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New Features Of Paper Food Packaging Box Printing Technology
Jul 05, 2016

nsiders pointed out that in the box, paper food packaging is now green packaging. In the energy-efficient, resource-saving, has many advantages. On the international market, paper food packaging has come of age.

At present, foreign paper food packaging applications is very wide, foreigners like the paper as a packaging for goods, friend of we like to watch American TV, TV series in the UK can be found in supermarket market, breakfast we are holding very simple brown paper packaging.

Abroad developed of technology developed they of paper packaging printing technology of development rendering following new features: single layer material to multilayer material direction development; offset, and concave printing, and soft printing, and network printing, variety printing way coexist and soft version printing will growth most fast; single Zhang paper to reel paper, and single to online production direction development; various related technology integrated application, as computer design, and digital technology, and laser processing technology and materials,, constantly optimization whole production system, makes paper quality packaging box of making process more of simple convenient.