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How To Use The Paper Shopping Bag
Jul 11, 2017

Rules for the use of paper shopping bags

Objective: In order to protect the environment, reduce waste, strengthen the standard use of shop paper shopping bags, save funds, ensure customer satisfaction, special provisions.

Second, the paper shopping bag can use department and commodity

1. Clothing Department of all groups of direct merchandise goods. Paper Shopping Bag Clothing Sales Counters Merchandise use of the sale of the counter-owned shopping bags;

2. Household Goods Department, food Department commodity cannot use paper shopping bag, can use the charge plastic shopping bag. Special exceptions (such as customer shopping value of more than 200 yuan of household goods, the customer designated the need for paper shopping bags, by the department manager agreed to use the rear. )

Three, Paper Shopping Bag the use of paper shopping bags

1. Clothing direct merchandise, at the cashier checkout, by the cashier according to the size of the goods free of charge to provide a corresponding model of the paper shopping bag; similar to socks, Paper Shopping Bag underwear, jewelry and other small goods, cashiers need to prioritize the use of points broken bag packaging goods or depending on the size of the product, according to the principle of saving at the same time to ensure customer satisfaction, decide whether to provide paper bag or use a broken bag.

2. Clothing Sales Counters merchandise is open single sale. Customers by the payment voucher (cash register invoices) to the distribution counter to pick up goods, Paper Shopping Bag by the agency counter staff to provide counter shopping bags.

3. The paper shopping bag is ordered by the General Services Section of the store, and the customer service cashier is responsible for receiving, storing and distributing (with the Food supermarket shopping bag management method) to the General Affairs group.

After shopping, gifts are given after the ever-increasing paper shopping bag. This paper shopping bag tadpoles are quite strong, perhaps there are other uses, Paper Shopping Bag including many well-designed brand paper shopping bags, throw a real shame. So, using these paper shopping bags and playing with their waste heat is why you need these paper shopping bags.

Sturdy paper shopping Bag box

First, the hand part of the paper shopping bag is cut with scissors. Paper Shopping Bag You can adjust the shearing position according to the size (height) of the box you want to make.

The paper shopping bag needs to be folded inward, so you can fold up to 10 percent in advance as shown.

Fold along the polyline to the inside.

All folded up, it is this feeling. A very sturdy box that can be used at home for a lot of scenes.

Depending on the purpose, you can also do this size. Fold well, very strong. Beautiful design, can be used as a decorative gadget container ...

How does everybody use it?

Kitchen drawer

As a small thing in the kitchen drawer, Paper Shopping Bag the paper shopping bag box can play a big role. Can put garbage bags, shopping bags, sponges or gloves and so on.

Vegetable box in refrigerator freezer

Vegetables in the fridge are easy to get noisy, but the boxes with sturdy paper shopping bags can be neatly incorporated. The dirty vegetable uses this kind of paper shopping bag box to receive also does not matter, dirty change one, simple.

It can be used for the preservation of different kinds of vegetables, Paper Shopping Bag and it is very convenient for the cleaning in the refrigerator.

The storage of condiments

Sturdy paper shopping bag, lovely appearance, beautiful color, paper shopping bag box itself can be used as a decorative existence. For example, after folding the brown paper shopping bag in the bakery, it is very lively to put on a cute illustrator or press the seal. Used in the kitchen, dirty can also be changed immediately.

More paper shopping bags with tips

Paper shopping bags can even be used anywhere, Paper Shopping Bag and no matter what kind of paper shopping bags can be "recycled."

Storage of clothes clips

A lot of clothes, a paper shopping bag box made of small paper shopping bag is suitable.

Storage of pocket Napkin

The pocket napkin is put into a box made of paper shopping bag, which is used as a napkin for storage.

Use a paper shopping bag to make a drawer-style tissue storage box for convenience.

Gift Wrapping

These materials can be easily made into lovely gift boxes.

What needs to be prepared is:

Paper shopping bags (slightly thinner for good), ribbons, self-adhesive lace, double-sided tape, scissors, hole-punched.

First cut off the hand part of the paper shopping bag.

The opening position of the paper shopping bag is perforated by a punch. With ribbon tightening before, the front 6, the back 4, left and right side each dozen 2 holes.

The ribbon goes through the hole and ends up in front of it. Note that you must put the gift into the paper shopping bag before you pick it up.