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How Best To Circumvent The Core Printing Box Design Problem
Jul 05, 2016

Package from design to printing process after road processes experienced in the production of coarse plant air humidity until the box color yellow appears on the surface, deformation of the boxes and other traits and so on, how can better avoid this type of problem? First of all from the production area to do some precautionary measures to reduce packaging from design quality problems when printing to the factory.

In the actual production process, facing mounting process on the common quality problems in the following ways: corners products. The main reason this happens is post count too much and leads to cardboard edges do not stick. So should normally be attached to 20 press is appropriate. Too high humidity, especially against gold flat. Mainly because of the gold paper on moisture permeability and loss of capacity is poor, plain flat rubber moisture content is high. Usually made of quick-drying glue solved or expand the product under the Sun to dry. Framed tile or flat products, if in the context of air humidity, time appears slightly longer yellow and so on. Largely because some manufacturers use water containing alkaline great glass glue or adhesive. So in order to ensure the quality of products we should choose good quality flat and corrugated plastic.