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Hard Cardboard Durable
Aug 02, 2017

The characteristics of hard carton:

1, green environmental protection, good environmental protection, the whole paper can be 100% recycled, export-free smoked steam inspection.

2, rugged and durable, the use of high-strength corrugated and paper, Rigid Paper Box strength can be compared with wood quality, can be effective quality goods.

3, cheap beauty, high pressure strength, light weight, so that the export and production costs have a significant decline, but also printed patterns and text, so that products beautiful, color.

4, fast and convenient, the speed of clearance, because it is full paper packaging, Rigid Paper Box can be exempt from customs clearance, greatly improve the delivery speed of goods, but also because of its quality light wood materials, assembly, disassembly more convenient.

The above is the characteristics of cardboard boxes and advantages, carton packaging in life is really essential, environmental protection and convenient, Rigid Paper Box recycling has a simple, so we should use more paper products less plastic products, "the Earth is my home ring, to protect everyone."

Now the hard carton market development is very exuberant, no matter which industry's products are almost inseparable from carton packaging, because a lot of products are required for transport and distribution, Rigid Paper Box only suitable for product size and performance of cartons can be packaged, in order to ensure that products in circulation without damage, to provide our customers with intact products. Since the product can not be separated from carton packaging, then, hard carton items have any advantages?

The advantages of cardboard boxes are:

First, environmental protection, recyclable

A carton is usually used as a wrapper or object for a commodity to protect the outer layer. Rigid Paper Box After the demolition of the product, its cartons can be used two times, but also can be used to wrap other items. At the same time, Carton is used up after the pollution-free, more environmentally friendly.

Second, high efficiency

Hard carton production speed is higher than other packaging, Rigid Paper Box production cycle short and similar packaging.

Third, light weight, foldable

At present, many heavy-duty packaging can be paper-generation, carton weight is relatively light, in the course of transport plus its goods to reduce the total weight, so the cost of goods transport is lower.

IV. Beautifully printed

Hard carton can realize the combination of transport packaging and commodity packaging. On the packaging can be printed on the company's logo, to achieve the effect of publicity; You can also print some of the words, such as "Prohibit tumbling" "not to trample" "attention to Fire" "Fragile items" "Green environment" and so on, Rigid Paper Box to protect the contents of the goods from harm.

The above is the various advantages of cardboard, formal based on a variety of advantages, can be widely used in various types of packaging products, by the popular Pro-gaze