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Hard Cardboard Box With Moisture And Corrosion Resistance
Jun 27, 2017

Hard cardboard boxes have better moisture and corrosion resistance, and tear strength stronger. As well as can make the fruit ripening mixed hard cardboard boxes, followed by the new type of corrugated box and the production process to do a brief introduction:

1. Plastic type: the antibacterial agent, preservative soaked plastic film made in the corrugated box, and then coated with corrugated paper on the surface of CTM preservative, Rigid Paper Box this cardboard can prevent moisture evaporation, keep the goods inside the box Fresh environment, but also to adjust and control the temperature.

2. Composite type: the aluminum plastic wrap laminated on the inner surface of the corrugated box, this composite membrane has the function of absorbing ethylene gas, aluminum can prevent water evaporation, but also reflect the radiant heat, to prevent the temperature rise in the box , Play a fresh role.

3. Foam type: the foam and corrugated together. Compared with ordinary type, folder-type corrugated box, it has a better preservation effect.

(1) moisture permeability of ordinary corrugated boxes of 1/20, not easily due to evaporation of water caused by fruit, Rigid Paper Box vegetables withered shrink.

(2) due to the low number of thermal conductivity system, good heat resistance, the box will not appear sharp temperature fluctuations.

(3) due to low air permeability, can play a role in regulating the storage atmosphere.

4. Hard paper box inside the paper making process by adding porous ethylene gas absorption powder to prevent ripening; can also be coated on the base paper can send 6 m a 41 * m wavelength infrared special ceramic powder, which can launch infrared at room temperature , Not only can fruit in the activation of molecules, Rigid Paper Box improve resistance to microbial erosion ability, but also can make the enzyme activation, improve fruit sweetness. For peaches, grapes, bayberry and other fruit fresh packaging effect is good.