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Hard Cardboard Box Is Durable
Jul 21, 2017

What are the benefits and characteristics of cardboard packaging?

Features of cardboard:

1, green environmental protection; good environmental protection, full paper quality 100% recovery, export fumigation-free commodity inspection.

2, durable; the use of high-strength corrugated and tissue paper, Rigid Paper Box the strength can be compared with wood, can effectively protect the goods.

3, the price of cheap US; high pressure strength, light weight, so that the export and production costs have decreased significantly, can also print patterns and text, so that the product beautiful,

4, fast, convenient; fast customs clearance, because it is a full paper packaging, can be exempted from customs clearance, greatly improving the delivery speed of goods, but also because of its quality lighter than wood materials, assembly, demolition more convenient.

The above is the characteristics of carton packaging with the benefits of carton packaging in life really essential, environmentally friendly and convenient, recycling is simple, Rigid Paper Box so that we should use more paper products less plastic products, "the earth is my home ring, "

Hard cardboard production process has a pressure line such a process, due to the current general selection of low weight, low grade paper to produce cardboard, which gave pressure to bring a lot of trouble. If the pressure line is too deep, the paper will be broken; pressure line is too shallow, Rigid Paper Box due to the role of corrugated support, bending will crack, especially when the winter is relatively dry, the pressure line is not good, the rejection rate will be doubled increase. Some enterprises in order to solve this problem, the use of cardboard water treatment, although you can get some improvement, but because of the water content of cardboard, the strength will decline. Some customers of the cardboard box after the product stacking higher, the results of the hard cardboard can not withstand the pressure and deformation; and some customer packing is the use of mechanical boxing, the requirements of the cardboard box cover open and can not rebound , If the pressure line is not in place, then open the lid after the open, Rigid Paper Box the hand to leave it back to the original state, to bring the inconvenience of automatic boxing.

Especially after the process of printing pressure line slotted, because the pressure line and corrugated is the same direction, the pressure line slightly deeper, then the paper will be all broken; pressure is shallow, because of the role of corrugated support, its bending point It will be unstable, the outer corner of the cardboard box will appear snake-like phenomenon, but also will cause the cardboard box size specifications are not uniform. For this reason, the cardboard factory every year will receive a lot of complaints and returns, so that the corporate image and the economy by no small loss. This process can be solved by applying a set of pre-pressing wheels to the crimping rollers on the cardboard production line to control the lifting and lowering of the preload wheel by means of the cylinder of the original crimping wheel. The preload wheel must be on the same parallel line as the crimping wheel, Rigid Paper Box and the depth of the preload wheel can be adjusted to the proper position and then it is possible to work synchronously with the presser wheel.

In the post-process also need to transform, the press has a monochrome, two-color, three-color, four-color and even more combination machine. The delivery of the cardboard from the previous unit to the rear unit is carried by a group of feed rollers. The diameter of the preload wheel is 25 mm in diameter according to the diameter of the original feed wheel, and is machined into a circular arc. The preload of the preloading wheel is carried out before the pressure line is passed, and then the thread is processed. After the addition of such a preloading device, Rigid Paper Box whether it is the pressure line of the cardboard line or the press line of the printing slotting machine, the phenomenon of rupture has been fundamentally solved, and the depth of the pressing line can be satisfied to the maximum extent Cardboard box size specifications of the complete unity and the special requirements of customers.