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Four Trends Of Food Packaging In The Future
Jul 05, 2016

 Personalized box

At present, digital printing and packaging technology is more and more recognized by the market, short version of the print styles, personality print has become a brand in the box business to one of the most effective tools to attract customers. World's leading beverage company Coca Cola has been put into practice, by different bottles for printing personalized labels to expand market share, greatly improve the brand influence, access to a highly recognized by the market. Needs to be emphasized is that Coca Cola is just a start, now there have been many brands on the market now are beginning to provide consumers with personalized packaging. For example, Absolut Vodka, 4 million unique selection of personalized wine label design, making it the consumers love.

Second, creative packaging box

For brands, box with a good ultimate goal is to win consumer attention on supermarket shelves for the first time, they end up buying, known as love at first sight. To this end, brands must be advertise in passing out the uniqueness of the product. Budweiser product packaging on the distinction between doing very successfully, the most eye-catching new beer packaging with bow tie shape. France launched the champagne Taittinger Winery is using different color bottles for packaging and eventually popular in the market.