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Express Packaging Waste
Jul 05, 2016

With the rise of the Internet economy, online shopping becomes the most popular forms of consumption. But when "cut party" excitedly after receiving a baby right, most people will throw away the box with express. Most of the final destination is in the box dumpster, of which only some are scavengers, garbage recycling.

In 2015, the express business in China amounted to 20.67 billion, the resulting package box has more than 4 million tons. Even if all of these boxes are recycled, a ton of boxes can only reproduce 0.8 tons of recycled paper box. This means there are millions of tons of pulp "evaporate". To produce one ton of paper requires wood 3.75 tons, coal 0.5 tons, 100 tons of water, in the process of production of paper can also cause a certain degree of water pollution. Think of the millions of tons of pulp will cause much of a burden for the entire ecological chain. Obviously with 18 plenary session of "green, open innovation, coordination, and sharing" of five large development philosophy is not consistent.

Green development is everybody's business. Faced with this situation what should I do? First, the Government should vigorously promote the concept of energy saving and environmental protection, green development, everyone formed in heart care for the environment, avoiding waste and garbage classification and positive awareness of recycling. Meanwhile, play the regulatory functions, the necessary punishment for excessive packaging, on voluntary energy-saving enterprises preferential tax and other policies.