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Excessive Packaging Package
Jul 05, 2016

In people's impression that the packaging is all wrapped up. In fact, just like modern fashion, as only part of the package or part not wrap, also known as packaging. With such a change, packing low carbon savings are easy to implement. United States Kay can tool company (Klein Tools) of products almost are is half packaging of, like hammer, and wrench, and screwdriver like long pieces tool, General only packaging handles part, such do not only can save packaging material, and tool of function part bare out, people a eye that know its for what tool, outside packaging without extra of wrote painting, printing ink also province has many.

Packed into low carbon concept, this will give active and positive impression on consumers, thus driving up the value of social responsibility of enterprises. In fact, packaging simplifies not only for enterprises to win favor, if creative is good enough, you can also pull directly benefit. Like a bread shop and adjacent not far of a gym cooperation launched a paragraph "fitness bread", highlights on in packaging Shang--packaging box Middle used hollow design, from outside can clear to see inside of bread, packaging lower is men jeans pattern, upper painted has two only strong of big hand for provocative clothing-like, such of design makes inside of bread moments on into has sexy charming of 6 block ABS. Since the bakery after using packaging, sales volume increased by 30%, and to cooperate with the gym has also increased the number of customers 25%, win-win!