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Durability Of Corrugated Box
Jun 13, 2017

Corrugated box with its characteristics and environmental advantages are widely used in the packaging of goods, in the transport of goods, preservation and sales played an important role in protection. In the use of the process, the need for cartons must achieve a certain degree of firmness and durability.

At present, the fierce market competition, make the carton production enterprises in the production process and management of continuous improvement to maximize profits, which makes carton users in the process of using cartons encountered more or less quality problems, such as carton stacking code after collapse, rupture and so many unnecessary losses.

In order to avoid such a situation, the production of qualified carton products, Corrugated Paper Box the corrugated box must be tested, so that the production process of corrugated box is effectively controlled. Therefore, the correct understanding and understanding of the corrugated box inspection items and testing methods, has a very important significance.

Qualified cartons require printing patterns, clear handwriting, no disconnection and lack of the situation; pattern chroma consistent, bright bright and printing position error small, Corrugated Paper Box large carton error within 7mm, small carton error within 4mm. Surface quality to be intact without damage, no stain, box four weeks without loopholes, each box cover after closure. For carton shape, box inner diameter and design dimension tolerances should be kept in large box Shan 5mm, small box Sham 3mm, the size of the overall size of the same. Corrugated box with the opening, 180 degrees reciprocating folding 5 times above, one or two types of cartons and the layer, three types of carton inner crack length is not less than 70mm. In addition, the requirements of the box Joint specification, Corrugated Paper Box edge neat, not overlap angle.

The so-called water content refers to the corrugated original paper or paperboard in the amount of moisture, expressed in percentages, the water content of the carton box strength has a great impact, is a carton of 3 heavy Defects Inspection project.

Corrugated original paper has a certain pressure, anti-Zhang, anti-puncture and folding performance, if the moisture content is too high, paper quality is soft, poor, pressure and bonding quality is poor. If the moisture content is too low, the paper is too brittle, the pressure is easy to rupture, Corrugated Paper Box and the tolerance is poor. If the water content of corrugated cardboard and cardboard paper is too large, the corrugated board produced by single-sided Machine is prone to curl and laminating, which is prone to foaming and degumming. Molded cartons if moisture absorption in the preservation, will make the strength of the carton decreased significantly, the impact of use.

The standard of water content of corrugated box is (12)%. Determination of water content in cartons, the more accurate detection method is the drying method, that is, from the cardboard or box different parts of the sampling blocks, weighing about 50g with the balance of the sample, Corrugated Paper Box and tear it into pieces into the oven, drying to constant weight, you can find its moisture content. The calculation formula of water content is:

Water content = (the original weight of the specimen-the weight of the specimen after drying) The original weight of the specimen $number

Corrugated board thickness refers to a certain pressure under the corrugated board under the vertical distance, the unit is mm, is the carton appearance flaw inspection item, and directly affects the paperboard's edge pressure strength, the puncture strength and the compressive strength and so on performance. There are many reasons to affect the thickness of paperboard, if the thickness of corrugated board is thin, the edge compressive strength, puncture strength and compressive strength will be reduced correspondingly. Corrugated cardboard, Corrugated Paper Box the thickness of the different.

The thickness of paperboard is usually measured by the corrugated board thickness meter in the laboratory. The thickness gauge has a circular chassis of the anvil and the cylindrical measuring head, the measurement results can be read through the monitor. The pressure exerted by the measuring head is 20KPA. 5kpa, the diameter of the measuring surface is about. 6mm.

The compressive strength of corrugated box refers to the maximum load and deformation that can be sustained under the condition that the pressure tester is uniformly exerting dynamic pressure.