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Corrugated Cardboard Is Environmentally Friendly
May 27, 2017

Corrugated box is a multi-layer adhesive, it is at least a layer of wavy core paper mezzanine (commonly known as "pit Zhang", "corrugated paper", "corrugated paper", "corrugated core", "corrugated paper") and a layer Cardboard (also known as "box board", "box cardboard").

Carton commonly used three, five, seven use less, Corrugated Paper Box the layers are divided into paper, corrugated paper, core paper, tissue paper, in the paper with tea board paper, kraft paper, paper with corrugated paper, all kinds of paper Color and feel are not the same, different manufacturers of paper (color, feel) is not the same.

Corrugated box is one of the most widely used packaging products, the amount has been the first of a variety of packaging products. Including calcium plastic corrugated boxes. Corrugated Paper Box More than half a century, corrugated boxes with its superior use of performance and good processing performance gradually replaced the wooden box and other transport packaging containers, as the main force of transport packaging. It is in addition to the protection of goods, easy warehousing, transportation, but also play a landscaping of goods, promote the role of goods. Corrugated boxes are green products, which is environmentally friendly, conducive to loading and unloading transport.

Science and technology is the first productive force, Corrugated Paper Box the development of corrugated boxes rely on the development of the national economy, but also rely on the progress of science and technology, to a large extent rely on the level of technical equipment to improve. Corrugated box technology and equipment is the basis of corrugated boxes and relying on, and cardboard molding equipment is the key equipment, carton production enterprises are the level of technology and equipment signs. Developed countries have already eliminated the stand-alone and single-sided machine, which is the direction of development and inevitable trend.

Corrugated boxes have been 100 years of history, products, Corrugated Paper Box technology, technology, equipment, etc. have been basically mature, but it is not static. In recent years, domestic and foreign research and development of corrugated fiber structure, pioneering and innovative, a breakthrough. First, the development of the G-type corrugated cardboard. The following are the same as the "

Europe began to popular the previous year, the market reacted enthusiastically. As the past, corrugated cardboard can only be printed on the gravure printing machine, in order to get the effect of offset printing, can only be printed on the pre-printed paper hides posted on the exposed cardboard. Corrugated Paper Box And G-type corrugated cardboard can be printed on the offset printing machine, it will not make the pit deformation and reduce the pressure or damage the strength of the pattern, packaging design can be flexible and diverse, beautifully printed. G-type corrugated paper was originally used as a substitute for folding plate, is now used for the protection of small commodities and transport packaging; the second is the development of K-type corrugated board. Foreign K-type corrugated board for the use of goods outside the packaging or container transport packaging. K-type for the large corrugated, for heavy packaging; third is the innovation of high-strength corrugated composite board. The cardboard to change the traditional corrugated horizontal arrangement of corrugated, innovative use of corrugated vertical tightly arranged structure, not only replace the heavy corrugated board, honeycomb paperboard and wood packaging, is a new type of environmentally friendly packaging materials.