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Corrugated Boxes Are Widely Used In Transportation
Jul 11, 2017

Corrugated cardboard, carton features, functions and advantages, what is corrugated board, what is corrugated box, and corrugated cardboard and corrugated box has what features and functions?

Corrugated board after die-cutting, indentation, nail box or sticky box made of corrugated box. Corrugated cardboard box is made of cardboard rigid paper container. Corrugated Paper Box Corrugated box is one of the most widely used packaging products, the dosage has been the first of a variety of packaging products. including calcium-plastic corrugated box.

Below we understand the corrugated board, carton features, functions and advantages:

First, corrugated paper is a commodity transport packaging of a major material, corrugated cardboard and corrugated box production began in the late 19th century, in the early 20th century to rapid development. Corrugated box light weight, cheap, can be large-scale production of various sizes, Corrugated Paper Box before the use of storage space is very small, and can print a variety of patterns, so in the packaging of manufactured goods are widely used.

Second, corrugated cardboard, carton structure features: by a single layer or multi-layer corrugated cardboard and flat paper bonded;

Three, corrugated cardboard, carton performance characteristics: Corrugated has a good compressive strength and shockproof performance, can withstand a certain pressure, impact and vibration;

Four, corrugated cardboard, carton of four functions: 5.1 Protection of Goods 5.2 convenient storage and transportation 5.3 Advertising 5.4 promotion sales.

Five, corrugated cardboard, carton six advantages: 4.1 Anti-pressure shockproof 4.2 suitable for printing 4.3 easy to shape 4.4 weight lighter 4.5 Corrugated Paper Box for environmental protection 4.6 low-cost (compared to other packaging).

The typical structure of corrugated board is made up of surface paper and corrugated cardboard. From the angle of structural mechanics, the shape is very scientific and reasonable. Corrugated board is the core of the corrugated, so the shape, type and combination of corrugated paper on the characteristics of a great impact. Here are the basic points of corrugated type.

1, type of Leng

Corrugated paper in the structure of the characteristics of corrugated corrugated. Corrugated is the main body of corrugated paper. Corrugated Paper Box Using the same texture of the surface paper and core paper made of corrugated cardboard, if the shape of corrugated, corrugated board performance is different. Now, the world's use of corrugated, the type of a total of several: A-type Leng, B-type Leng, C-type Leng, E-type Leng, F-type Leng. To a Leng the thickest, in turn f Leng thinnest, theoretically speaking, the same material, thickness and stiffness inversely proportional. Carton according to the number of corrugated board layer can be divided into three, five, seven-storey boxes and special boxes, the strength of three layers of the weakest, seven layer of the highest, of course, the use of paper materials have a direct relationship.

1) a Type Leng

A-type Leng is characterized by a small amount of corrugated in the unit length, and the highest corrugated. The use of a type of corrugated cardboard box, Corrugated Paper Box suitable for packaging lighter items, has a larger buffer.

2) B-Type Leng

B-type blankly and a type of the opposite, the unit length of the corrugated number and the lowest, its performance also with a-type Leng, the use of B-shaped corrugated cardboard box, Corrugated Paper Box suitable for packaging heavier and harder items, more for canned goods and bottled items such as packaging.

3) C-type Leng

C-Type flat length of the number of corrugated and Leng Gao between a and B-type Leng. Performance is close to a-type Leng. In recent years, with the increase in custody, transport costs, the small size of the C-type Leng by people's attention, has become the European and American countries used in the type.

Second, talk about the characteristics of the E-type corrugated for inner packing and small package.

4) e-type Leng

E-Type Leng in the length of the 30㎝ is generally 95 or so, Leng Gao about 1.1 ㎜ and external packaging with a, B, C-type corrugated, with a thinner and more rigid features. Therefore, the main purpose of developing e-type Leng is to make it into folding carton to increase buffering. With e-type corrugated cardboard box, the appearance of beautiful, smooth surface, can be more complex printing, so usually used in decorative corrugated box.