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Corrugated Boxes Are Widely Used
Jun 27, 2017

Corrugated boxes are the most widely used paper containers and are widely used in transport packaging. Corrugated box is widely used because it has many unique advantages. Xiaobian below to take everyone to understand the advantages of corrugated boxes which have.

1, the buffer performance is good, because the corrugated cardboard has a special structure, cardboard structure 60 ~ 70% of the volume is empty, it has a good shock absorption performance, to avoid the packaging of goods by the impact and impact.

2, light, solid, corrugated cardboard is a hollow structure, with the smallest material to form a larger box, Corrugated Paper Box so compared to similar cartons more solid, and with the same volume of wooden box, only about half the weight of the wooden box.

3, smaller, corrugated boxes in the storage and transportation, you can fold into a flat, use, open the box into the box, and the same volume of wooden boxes, plywood box volume is much smaller.

4, Corrugated Paper Box adequate raw materials, low cost Production of corrugated board a lot of raw materials, corner wood, bamboo, wheat grass, reed, etc. can be, so the cost is low, only about half of the same volume of the wooden box.

5, easy to automate production. Has now produced a complete set of corrugated box production line, can be large quantities, efficient production of corrugated boxes.

6, a wide range of applications. Corrugated box itself is relatively large range of packaging items, if combined with a variety of covering materials and moisture-proof materials, but also greatly expand the scope of use, such as moisture-proof corrugated boxes can be packaged fruits, vegetables; plastic film coated with easy to absorb moisture Items; use of plastic film bushings, in the box can be formed in sealed packaging to packaging liquid, semi-fluid items.

7, less metal consumption. Corrugated box molding, Corrugated Paper Box only a small amount of box nails, compared with the manufacture of wooden boxes, and only about half of it.

8, easy to promote. As the corrugated cardboard has a good ink absorption capacity, printing performance, easy to promote goods.

9, can be reused. Because the corrugated box can be reused many times, more reduce the cost of packaging, and no pollution to the environment.

The above is a small series of finishing on the advantages of the introduction of corrugated boxes, Corrugated Paper Box hoping to buy your corrugated box to help.