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Cardboard Cartons Comply With Environmental Requirements
Nov 01, 2017

Cardboard cartons are rigid paper containers made of corrugated boards. Cardboard box is one of the most widely used packaging products, the dosage has been the first of a variety of packaging products. Rigid Paper Box including calcium-plastic cardboard cartons.

The four main functions of cardboard box: 5.1 Protection Products 5.2 convenient storage and transportation 5.3 Advertising 5.4 promotion sales five, corrugated cardboard, carton six advantages: 4.1 Anti-pressure shockproof 4.2 suitable for printing 4.3 easy to form 4.4 weight lighter 4.5 for environmental protection 4.6 low cost (compared with other packaging materials)

Advantages of hard carton:

1, low transport costs, and easy to achieve packaging and transportation mechanization and automation.

2, through the combination of various covering or moisture-proof materials, Rigid Paper Box and greatly expand its scope of use.

3, Waste box is easy to recycle and reuse, in line with environmental requirements.

4, can adapt to various types of carton decoration printing, can be a good solution to product protection and promotion issues.

5, the packaging of goods with a lot of good protection function. For example, moisture, heat, easy handling, etc.

6, hard carton specifications and size of the change is easy to achieve, Rigid Paper Box cartons can quickly adapt to various types of goods packaging.

7, sealing box, strapping are convenient, easy to work, improve efficiency.

8, the corrugated structure is similar to the arched structure, Rigid Paper Box it can play a shock-proof effect, and has good mechanical properties. Light weight, good structure performance.

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