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Cardboard Boxes Can Be Effective In Quality Cargo
Aug 24, 2017

Features of cardboard:

1, green environmental protection; good environmental protection, full paper quality 100% recovery, export fumigation-free commodity inspection.

2, durable; the use of high-strength corrugated and tissue paper, Rigid Paper Box the strength can be compared with wood, can effectively protect the goods.

3, the price of cheap US; high pressure strength, light weight, so that the export and production costs have decreased significantly, can also print patterns and text, so that the product beautiful,

4, fast, convenient; fast customs clearance, Rigid Paper Box because it is a full paper packaging, can be exempted from customs clearance, greatly improving the delivery speed of goods, but also because of its quality lighter than wood materials, assembly, demolition more convenient.

The above is the characteristics of cardboard packaging with the benefits of hard cardboard packaging in life really essential, environmentally friendly and convenient, recycling is simple, Rigid Paper Box so that we should use more paper products less plastic products, "the earth is my home ring, Paul Rely on everyone. "

The use of cardboard boxes is as follows:

1. Used as a mat: according to their own needs, from the cardboard box cut out a piece of cardboard, and paste the colored wallpaper or other decorative materials, Rigid Paper Box can be used as a variety of mats, in many occasions. Such as pad on the desk, can prevent ink, paint or glue stained the desktop, and in the use of knives, scissors and other items trim, but also make the desktop from damage.

2. Shaping paper items: their collection of posters, bought paintings and calligraphy, etc., if free to pile on the table, not only looks messy, and easy to lose. Find a cardboard box, Rigid Paper Box they will be classified, finishing up.

3. In addition to pet items: to find a large size of the cardboard box, used to hold pet items, not only convenient, and if the hard cardboard box around the paste stickers, it is beautiful.

4. to the small animals to settle down: the child raised a few chicks, do not specifically to the chicks to buy a cage, you can find a small point of the cardboard box, and in two boxes around some small holes, and then put the chickens , So the chicks will have a warm home.