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Cardboard Box Is One Of The Most Widely Used Packaging Products
Oct 12, 2017

Cardboard cartons It is not only convenient for people's lives, it also brings fresh flavor to our culture.

Generally we see the hard carton is made in two ways: one is handmade and the other is machine-made. If according to the production of materials can be divided into flat-plate cardboard, cardboard box, fine corrugated box, composite material cardboard boxes, dry denaturalization cartons, cardboard cardboard cartons, Rigid Paper Box cardboard cardboard hard carton, paper carton cardboard, all bonded cardboard cardboard, fine corrugated cardboard cartons, cardboard boxes and so on composite paper.

The importance of cardboard boxes has been self-evident, as long as we follow the trend of market development, this market will be better!

Hard carton quality, hard degree, to judge the quality of the product, Rigid Paper Box although this is not very objective, but the packaging on the consumer judgment will have a certain impact, so, the choice of cardboard material is particularly important, some products, Rigid Paper Box but also require cardboard cartons have a certain moisture-proof, waterproof, shockproof functions, such as food or alcohol.

Cardboard cartons are rigid paper containers made of corrugated boards. Cardboard box is one of the most widely used packaging products, the dosage has been the first of a variety of packaging products. Rigid Paper Box including calcium-plastic cardboard cartons.

The production of cardboard cartons began in the late 19th century and was rapidly developed in the early 20th century. Cardboard cartons are lightweight and inexpensive, and can produce a wide variety of sizes, with a small storage space before use and printing of various patterns, Rigid Paper Box so they are widely used in the packaging of finished products.

Hard carton structure features: by a single layer or multi-layer corrugated cardboard and flat paper bonding;

Cardboard carton performance characteristics: Corrugated has a good compressive strength and shockproof performance, can withstand a certain pressure, impact and vibration;

The four main functions of cardboard box: 5.1 Protection Products 5.2 convenient storage and transportation 5.3 Advertising 5.4 promotion sales five, hard carton six advantages: 4.1 Anti-pressure shockproof 4.2 suitable for printing 4.3 easy to form 4.4 weight lighter 4.5 for environmental protection 4.6 low cost (compared with other packaging materials)

Cardboard cartons have been inseparable from our lives, Rigid Paper Box such as you often see the hard carton products are: food, medicine, cosmetics, daily necessities, cultural supplies, instrumentation, chemical drugs and so on;