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Box Print Production Innovation Is Itself Dialectical And Change
Jul 05, 2016

Commercialization of the Internet grows global economic progress and speed, a new era of full liberalization of the market, innovative flag flying all the time, Chinese products packaging design, packaging printing industry is also facing a "national entrepreneurship, and innovation," China times before in this watershed, for packaging printing industry, ice fire days. Market demand in the incremental development of consumer products and packaging industry is struggling in a zero-sum competitive. No safety during the competition, regardless of manufacture, channels of distribution, Terminal retail or traditional services under the line, and whether you like it or don't like or commercial Internet is in full encirclement of traditional business. Already, the sound of innovation appears to all walks of life all around the topic of waste was removed, several worrying huan.

China of products packaging printing production manufacturers, total up to 30duowange, which, 90% around for SMEs, this cluster seems huge, actually across business has been is in apart of State in the, from design to printing, and from packaging box finished to market marketing development and so on..., as products packaging printing making of service nature,, because service chain system of decomposition, and itself marketing spread concept weak of traits, products packaging box industry cannot from market standard up help products business, and brand business, Focusing on the shelves, and commercial transactions in the variable. Has nearly 20 years experience in packaging industry of Shenzhen shencai packaging products company limited (www.shen111.com), was the beginning of the outbreak of the commercialization of the Internet, through deep soul-searching and examine, first of all must comply with the development trend of the times and the trend is the change began. Business elites and the great God who keeps talking about innovation, mostly for the sake of, falls in the middle right in the future, reach causes and completely at all.