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Basic Packaging Reduces Damage To Items
May 27, 2017

In the modern commodity society, the basic packaging plays an extremely important role in the circulation of goods. The scientific rationality of the basic packaging conforms to the quality of the goods and the ability to convey to the consumers in the perfect way. The level of design and decoration directly affect the product itself, the market and even brand, corporate image. Basic Packaging Modern basic packaging function has four aspects.

The basic packaging is the most important role is to protect the goods in the storage and transportation, sales consulting, consumption and other circulation process often subject to various adverse conditions and the environment due to the destruction and impact of the use of scientific and rational basic packaging can protect the goods from or Reduce these damage and influence in order to achieve the purpose of protecting the goods.

There are two types of food damage: one is natural factors, including light, oxygen, temperature and humidity, moisture, emblem creatures, insects, dust, etc. can cause food oxidation, Basic Packaging discoloration, corruption and pollution; One is human factors, including shock, vibration, drop, load load, artificial theft pollution, etc. can cause the contents of deformation, damage, deterioration and so on.

Different food, different circulation of the goods on the basic packaging protection requirements are different.If the biscuits are fragile, easy to absorb the basic packaging should be pressure back to the 'fried bowl of beans easily metamorphic, requiring its basic packaging So that the basic packaging with a certain degree of oxygen, carbon dioxide and water vapor transmission rate.Therefore, Basic Packaging the basic packaging workers should first based on the basic packaging products positioning, analysis of the basic packaging products to maintain their fresh state. The characteristics of the product and its possible changes in the circulation process and its influencing factors, select the appropriate basic packaging materials, Basic Packaging containers and technical methods for the appropriate basic packaging products to protect the product in a certain shelf life of the basin.

Basic packaging for the production, circulation, consumption and other sectors to provide a lot of convenience: to facilitate the manufacturers and logistics department of loading and unloading, storage and storage, store display barnyard. But also facilitate the consumer to carry, Basic Packaging access and consumption. Modern basic packaging also pay attention to the basic packaging form of display convenience, automatic repair goods, consumer open and set the convenience of access. Generally speaking, Basic Packaging the product can not be stored in the basic packaging and apricot.

Have you ever thought of making a gift to your beloved TA, both romantic and warm, but do not let the basic packaging dragged the hind legs Oh. Here are you like the manual enthusiasts introduced the most basic gift of the five basic packaging methods, as long as you can learn these practical tricks, later want to package any pattern of gift boxes are no problem, technology gorgeous almost equal to the jewelry shop owner Oh!

Square sugar type gift basic packaging method:

1. The basic packaging paper cut into the length of the box around the length of +2 ~ 3 cm, width is the width of the box +3 cm, the bottom of the box placed in the middle of the paper;

2. Push the right side of the paper inward along the box and keep the paper edge in the center of the box;

3. turn the left side of the paper inward;

4. Fix the paper with a transparent adhesive or double-sided tape;

5. The paper on both sides is folded inward along the box;

6. In the order, the paper folded into a beautiful trapezoid;

7. in the upper and lower origami at the junction of the light to do the mark;

8. Keep the mark with the edges parallel to fold the paper below;

9. With a double-sided tape or with a beautiful paste will be fixed at the junction, and then the other side of the package, turned to the front of the box, decorated with a ribbon or flowers to complete.

Basic packaging elements are basic packaging objects, Basic Packaging materials, modeling, structure, protection technology, visual communication and so on. In general, the basic packaging of goods should include trademarks or brands, shapes, colors, patterns and materials and other elements. 1. Trademark or brand. Trademarks or brands are the most important constituent elements of basic packaging and should occupy a prominent position on the basic package as a whole. 2. Basic packaging shape. Appropriate basic packaging shape is conducive to storage and display, but also conducive to product sales, therefore, the shape of the basic packaging is an indispensable combination of elements. 3. Basic packaging color. Color is the basic packaging of the most stimulating sales of the constituent elements. Highlight the characteristics of the product combination of color, not only to enhance the brand characteristics, but also a strong appeal to customers. 4. Basic packaging pattern. Patterns in the basic packaging as the picture in advertising, its importance, indispensable is self-evident. 5. The choice of basic packaging materials. The choice of basic packaging materials not only affects the basic packaging costs, but also affect the market competitiveness of this commodity. 6. Product label. In the label are generally printed with basic packaging content and products contained in the main components, brand logo, product quality level, product manufacturers, production date and validity, use.