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Advanced Packaging To Attract The Attention Of Consumers
Sep 05, 2017

China has an old saying, called "people rely on clothes horse saddle", is the so-called "three-point looks, seven dress", good high-level packaging as a bow and arrow can focus highly on the consumer's memory, attention and attention. Imagine, in all kinds of terminal snack food gathered in the case, only have a certain flash point of the high-level packaging in order to quickly improve the attractiveness of the product, accurately convey the brand value and differentiation of selling points, and ultimately stimulate consumers to buy goods incentives and motives.

Advanced packaging on the sale of local products an important role in pulling, especially in the store terminal with "eye-catching" effect of the high-level packaging will make products stand out, Advanced Packaging become the object of consumer attention. Therefore, small and medium-sized local specialty enterprises in the limited degree of investment funds, relying on the market terminal pull, promotion and promotion of limitations and other characteristics under the influence of the need to create suitable for their own characteristics of the advanced packaging design system, and ultimately contact with consumers in the first place - - Terminal, the formation of a strong visual appeal and sales force.

Advanced packaging is a set of brand concept, product characteristics, consumer psychology, shopping to buy a point of visual integrated expression, it can lead to consumer attention, Advanced Packaging direct stimulation of consumer buying impulse. Advanced packaging is to speak friends, with visual appeal of the high-level packaging, is to connect products and consumers of emotional tools. Advanced packaging is an effective extension of the product, advanced packaging and product integration, and strengthen the product has a unique appeal value, Advanced Packaging so that consumers can clearly in the selection at a glance, in a short period of time to understand the characteristics of the product and buy. In addition, advanced packaging can also convey product information, promote sales, improve product added value.

Creative, eye-catching new high-level packaging allows the product to be competitive, not only spread, beautify, promote products, and encourage consumers to spend money to try. So, good high-level packaging is the sales promotion of high-level packaging, resulting in advertising with the same appeal and influence effect of the role of the propeller. Advanced Packaging Or that high-level packaging is able to reflect the corporate brand image, to meet the psychological demands of consumers and value orientation, can directly reflect the product differentiation of selling points, etc., Advanced Packaging can be dazzling in the store head start, come to the fore.

In the high-level packaging design practice, the need for special attention to the relationship between high-level packaging design and planning, planning and advanced packaging design can not be completely separated. Advanced Packaging The reason why this operation, the purpose is to market-oriented, consumer psychological demands and preferences as the guide, in a full understanding of the market and consumers on the basis of analysis and combing, from the overall situation of service enterprises as a starting point, rather than Advanced packaging and design advanced packaging. Depth market, in-depth consumer mind, to be evidence, so as to avoid behind closed doors, paper on the situation. But also a full range of thinking service business brand positioning, brand core demands, Advanced Packaging the main line to determine, there is a clear direction, which is like a bow and arrow mounted on the precision sight, imagine, if there is no clear direction, and then Exquisite high-level packaging design how to arouse the desire of consumers to buy, how could get their identity and love.

Therefore, the integrated planning and advanced packaging visual planning is interdependent, indispensable market spread tool, in order to promote the majority of small and medium local specialty enterprises to expand the market "winning power." In the operation, must be based on the status quo of enterprises, Advanced Packaging combined with industry, market, consumer characteristics, tailor-made for the enterprise, planning first, focusing on planning and strategy for advanced packaging design effective guidance, the depth of mining core interests, "Magnet effect". Planning, strategy is the soul, advanced packaging design is planning, the visual expression of the strategy, the combination of the two, will play a multiplier effect. Good planning to determine the accuracy and driving force of advanced packaging design, with the main line of high-level packaging in all types of terminals, Advanced Packaging there will be a better display effect, "good high-level packaging is advertising, good packaging is the marketing force" , Small and medium local specialty enterprises rely on high-level packaging will be able to form a consumer's "eye attraction" to achieve the purpose of advanced packaging pull sales.