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Advanced Packaging Reflects The Grade Of The Product
May 27, 2017

Advanced packaging is not only the embodiment of corporate image, but also consumers understand the product information the primary way, so it largely determines the consumer's first impression of the product, as a person, wearing a dress also affect the status of others TA Judgment, Advanced Packaging so high-end products want to quickly reflect its market value, you need high-grade packaging design to establish the dominant position in the minds of consumers.

Advanced packaging material grade determines the product packaging texture, to reflect the product packaging grade, excellent packaging material is essential, Advanced Packaging so it is likened to the product packaging "cell" is not an exaggeration.

The nature and application of advanced packaging.

1, wood packaging

In the current market, man-made sheet, such as non-formaldehyde-free fiberboard, has been used in high-grade wood packaging, especially in food packaging design, high-grade red wine wooden box, Advanced Packaging tea packaging box is often through the use of non-formaldehyde fiberboard, Of the market value.

2, paper packaging

High-grade paper packaging materials are art paper for your expensive. The so-called art paper is a kind of surface with a variety of embossed pattern texture, colorful colorful art paper. Because of the need for special processing technology, so this material is expensive, usually used for high-end gift packaging, Advanced Packaging highlighting high quality. As the paper surface of the convex texture, printing ink is not real, so not suitable for color offset.

3, metal packaging

Metal packaging performance is excellent, not fragile, can be compressed, sealed, can moisture, widely used in high-end packaging applications. Metal packaging and ultimately tinplate, such materials are chemically stable, easy to rust, can be long to maintain metallic luster, easy to print, so high-level biscuits, coffee, tea, Advanced Packaging chocolate and milk powder packaging commonly used.

If the packaging material is the product packaging cells, then the packaging design of the color application is the soul of product packaging. Different colors can represent the nature of the product, Advanced Packaging so in the packaging design, high-end products need to be based on the nature of the product can reflect the product grade color.

Such as chocolate, cereals and other food packaging design, Advanced Packaging multi-purpose yellow, brown, gold, red and other bright and rich warm colors, highlighting the delicious taste of goods, delicious nutrition. High-grade tea packaging design is appropriate green series, reflecting the tea and tea culture of the long history. Cold food packaging design to blue, white and other cool colors, people have the feeling of cold thirst, health and health. High-end alcohol and tobacco packaging design often use such as bright yellow, dark red, Advanced Packaging purple and other noble color, highlight the product grade; cosmetic packaging design commonly used pink, white, green tones; emphasis on product skin care and other effects; children's toy packaging design commonly used contrast Cool and bright colors and bright colors to meet the children's love to play the nature;

Hardware, mechanical tool packaging design commonly used blue, black and other calm color, to express a solid, sophisticated and durable features; sporting goods packaging design more use of bright and bright color blocks to increase the active, the feeling of movement ... ...

Advanced packaging is not only a manifestation of aesthetics, it is also a combination of sociology, psychology, marketing and science, designers do packaging design before the full product characteristics, consumer psychology, but also familiar with the characteristics of packaging materials , Packaging, Advanced Packaging the meaning of different colors, the only way to continue to improve their own product packaging design level, sublimation of their aesthetic taste, in order to allow the goods in the fierce market economy competition, through the exquisite packaging design win!

Two characteristics of high-end packaging

Packaging design is the most critical is to give consumers a deep impression, a visual impact. High-end packaging is in line with two characteristics, can be summarized as two extreme: one is the ultimate color; the other is the ultimate simplicity, including but not limited to vision.

High-end food packaging in the use of color on the more varied, because these colors have the effect of promoting appetite.

"Simplicity and clarity" does not mean "tedious", minimalist pursuit of the essence of a "design element" of the precise refinement; "design style" accurate expression; it is hoped that through the expression elements of the "negative and Reduce "to create a simplified, rational visual order that is an objective, direct expression of visual elements.

"Minimalism", in order to simple to the ultimate pursuit, is a design style, the sense of simple and neat, taste and thought more elegant.

Especially a color or a group of colors through the blending purity is usually low, giving the feeling of harmony rather than a single color because the use of color is the key is not a color is independent of the existence. It is soft, calm, stable, harmonious, united, not strong, not dazzling, no conflict, color contains elements are complex rather than simple.