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Advanced Packaging Makes The Product Stand Out On The Shelf
Sep 26, 2017

Advanced Packaging is the consumer's visual experience of products, is the direct and main product personality of the transfer, is the direct manifestation of corporate image positioning. Good advanced packaging design is one of the important means to create profit. Advanced Packaging Strategic positioning accurate, in line with consumer psychology of senior packaging design, can help enterprises in many competitive brands stand out, and the company won a reliable reputation.

Advanced Packaging Search design with the establishment of brand awareness of the marketing role, that is, the use of advanced packaging design to present brand information, the establishment of brand identification, so that consumers know the brand name of the commodity, brand attributes, Advanced Packaging and then establish brand image. In the framework of brand knowledge, the high packaging of products is regarded as one of the sources of Brand Image Association.

To understand the brand image is mainly composed of the manufacturer's image, the user's image, the image of the product itself and the personality image of the brand. Advanced packaging visual design to be able to convey the brand information containing these four, is a complete brand image.

In the commodity is extremely rich today, the consumer to each product's attention time is very short, must seize the consumer's eye from the shelf sweep the moment. Only advanced packaging can utilize color, modelling, materials and other elements, while showing products, brands and other enterprises of the connotation and information, highlighting the interests of products and consumers in common, Advanced Packaging to form a more intuitive impact on consumers, and then affect the consumer's impression of products and enterprises, Advanced Packaging so that the product prominently placed on the shelves, Effective to achieve the purpose of attracting consumers. The advanced packaging of products is the first to show the sales force, to bear the main function of attracting consumers.

Advanced packaging as a brand of external performance, is the company wants their own brand to give consumers a sense of what. The differences and the "brand features" that it presents make it a dominant factor in attracting consumers. The material interests and spiritual interests of the advanced packaging are the things that the consumers buy, the brands represented by the senior packaging should form a brand in the mind, Advanced Packaging and fully display the connotation of the brands. If the connotation is not or is not prominent, consumers hear, see senior packaging did not produce Lenovo, make the brand become water.