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2016 Green Booster Box To Achieve Sustainable Development
Jul 05, 2016

Boxes in the product during storage and transportation plays a vital role in protecting, in particular, in the food industry. Some food packaging not only to protect the product from damage as well as the responsibilities of consumers, it also has an extended shelf life, sterilization, and other special effects. So packaging is an integral part of the food industry, however, the need to achieve sustainable development, it needs to adapt to the needs of society.

Not only enterprise to strengthen environmental management and promote environmental awareness, improved environmental technologies and consumer concerns on environmental issues is also landing the main driving force of green policies. Shimisesi·Pier Institute survey found that environmental pressure from the public and industry, as printed on the package the consciousness raising of cleaner production, enterprise's green ideas respond to the consumer's pursuit of more sustainable lifestyles.

Studies have shown that in the global printing industry practice in the surging waves of green, the greatest growth potential in the Asian market. Consumers ' growing awareness of health and environmental protection, green printing industry development has a great role in 2018, Asia will become the world's largest market for sustainable green printing and packaging, will account for 32% per cent of the global total.