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Packaging material
Jul 05, 2016

Is divided into two main categories: paper, corrugated paper. Packaging paper usually used are: gray copper, Cupronickel, copper, ornate cards, gold cards, Platinum, silver, laser cards. "White board" means that the copper-nickel alloy, and copper. Cupro-nickel and copper have in common is that both sides are white. The difference is that "white copper": smooth on one side smooth. Generally is a positive print, negative cannot be printed. "Copper": the pros have paint on canvas, positive and negative can be printed. Gray gray at the end of this paper, but it is not used for packaging, gray shading white, it is known as the "gray paper" the front is white and can be printed, side is gray, not printing. White card that is "white board" paper, but generally referred to when quoting (unless a special white card, such as: Platinum, silver card), and so on.

Packaging materials

① powder boards: a white side is grey, lower prices, double coated paper: both sides are white, the price is high.

According to the shape and size of the product color box material. Commonly used materials are: 280g ash gray paper, 350g paper, 300g ash powder paper, 250g ash e pit, 250g double coated mounting mounting E pits.

Third, wooden boxes, paper boxes, paper boxes.

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