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New concept of gift boxes
Jul 05, 2016

New concept of gift boxes gift boxes Goffret cadeau is derived from the French and English in Giftbox

Nowadays, it is very popular.

New concept of a gift. Inside the gift box is not a real product, but 15-20 cards, each card represents a kind of leisure activities, from people who received gift selected independently according to their preferences. This concept was developed by France and Belgium, and other European countries to China, gift box for the development of the company in the mainland France Dan LAN House, cartridge boxes, has huge market potential.

Unlike traditional gift, choose your experiential gift box is a series of carefully selected variety of enjoyment and service, giving is a unique and wonderful experience. General on-demand experiential gift box looks small and exquisite, are beautifully placed in each gift cards or on-demand manual, representing more than 10 businesses and their services. Recipient can freely choose their favorite services. Which is accompanied by a reservation might be used to verify the identity and activities of experience, experience with this book and enjoy.

-Optional experience gift boxes in 2003 in France, becoming in a short time gift-giving pattern throughout the European market, and gradually spread to Japan, Brazil, United States, Australia and so on. For example in France of dakotabox and just started to enter the Chinese mainland market in France the company LAN House, providing France features leisure activities, to provide a pleasant intimate customer service experience.