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Classification of the perfume box
Jul 05, 2016

The perfume box leather box

Most perfume box leather box made of Pu synthetic leather, leather packaging for perfume box features, from the number which can be divided into single, multiple.

Leather box and perfume have an advantage in price than other packaging, on the one hand reflects the elegant quality of perfume, on the other hand has a big advantage on the price.

The perfume box tray

Perfume tray is a familiar perfume packaging box, mainly used in low-end perfume packaging.

Boxes relative to other boxes in the production and the price of raw materials there are a lot of advantages, some low-end products give love.

The perfume box Tin

Some big brands with an iron box perfume box packaging. Iron box perfume box, more than any other type of perfume packaging box on top of production costs will be greater, and the quality is great. But iron boxes give the feeling of a pragmatic atmosphere and steady, mainly in men's perfume box packaging.

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