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Brown paper bag history
Jul 05, 2016

Early in the 19th century of the large-scale retail trade has not yet been born, people usually work or purchasing everyday items in the grocery store near the residence. Those supplies were packed in casks, bags or boxes, after bulk shipped to grocery stores, how they are scattered to be sold to consumers, but it is a troubling thing. People with a basket or a homemade burlap bag to go shopping. And the paper is still the old linen and jute fibers, poor quality and scarcity, cannot even meet the demand for newspaper printing. Around 1844, fulidelixi·Kele the Germans invented the wood pulp paper-making and contributed greatly to the development of the paper industry, it also indirectly led to the first commercial paper bag. In 1852, the United States botanist fulanxisi·Wole invented the first paper bag making machine, it was subsequently extended to France and the United Kingdom and other European countries. Later, paper bag of plywood was born and the paper bag stitching technology that enables the past cotton bags for transport of bulk goods are also being replaced with a paper bag.

But when it comes to the first kraft paper shopping bags, it was born in 1908, the United States Saint Paul, Minnesota. A local grocer on wote·duweina, in order to facilitate growth in sales, began looking for ways to give consumers a one time purchase more approaches. Du Weina believes that it should be a good bag, low cost and easy to use, and at least able to bear the weight of 75 pounds. After repeatedly test zhihou, he will this bag of texture lock in has Kraft Shang, because its used wood fiber more long of coniferous tree business pulp, in cooking process in the through chemical role compared mild of caustic soda and sodium sulfide chemical drug for processing, makes wood fiber original of strength damaged smaller, thus last making out of paper, fiber Zhijian connection close, paper quality tough, can bear larger of pull and pressure and not rupture. Four years later, the first shopping in brown paper bag was born. It is rectangular on the bottom, than traditional v-bottom paper bag has more volume. A rope running through the bottom and sides to increase their load-bearing capacity, and two people at the top of the paper bag to take the ring. Du Weina are named after their name for this kind of shopping bags, in 1915 and applied for a patent for it. At this point, this bag has annual sales of more than 100 million birds.